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Christmas Business FAQ's

Christmas Business FAQ's

You probably have a few questions about starting up a Christmas lighting business. Here are the most frequently asked questions when it comes to starting a outdoor Christmas lighting business: 


Q) How much money can I make?

A) That's the best part of this business, depending on your company capabilities and how much time and effert you put into the business, you can make over $100,000 if just a couple years.


Q) Is the decorating service easy to sell?

A) Absolutely YES! You will be surprised how easy it is to get new customers. With the help of our manual and training DVD's, we will walk you through the sales presentation step by step.


Q) Do I need to attend seminars?

A) No. Our outdoor Christmas training manual and DVD's cover everything you need to know about the Christmas decorating business.


Q) What are the start up cost?

A) If you're starting from scratch, we estimate ladders, business cards, and flyers can cost under $500.00. Existing companies will be less. Starting inventory is around $700 - $1,500. Most start up companies purchase materials as you get jobs to help with the up front money till you get established.


Q) Do I need experience in decorating?

A) No prior experience is necessary. Our comprehensive training manual, DVD's and support will provide you with everything you need to get started. In no time you will be installing Christmas lights and decorations like a professional.


Q) Where so we buy supplies?

A) Creative Decorating offers a full line of wholesale outdoor Christmas lights and decorations for the professional decorator.


Q) What is the average price to decorate a home or business?

A) For a new customer, the cost can run around $1,500.00 - $3,000.00


Q) Who buys this service?

A) Anyone that puts up his or her own outdoor Christmas decorations is a potential customer. Residential, commercial, shopping centers, malls, it's endless.


Q) How long is the decorating season?

A) For a new company, installation starts around the 1st of November and take down will finish up around middle of January. As your company grows you will start installs in mid October and finish up with take down at the end of January.


Q) Will I need a bucket truck (lift) to help install and take down outdoor Christmas lights and decorations up high?

A) On rare occasions you will need to rent a bucket truck to help you install Chiristmas lights on high unreachable areas. Once again, with the help of our manual, we will give you alternatives to reaching high places. As for renting lifts, they are available at local rental companies.


Q) Do I need an electrician?

A) For the majority of jobs, we are able to find and use power sources already available. There is a chapter in our manual that has step-by-step detail informations when it comes to powering up your display.














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